Here are a few things people like about Registernation. Contact us about a live demo to see more:

A customized Registration page
You’ll get a good-looking site that includes your own logo, header, background, and welcome message. It reinforces your brand and keeps things consistent when registrants come from your site. And connecting your existing Web site to RegisterNation is ridiculously easy.
Customizable Forms
You can decide what information you want to collect on your form (and in what order) to best match your business. You can also decide whether or not registrants are required to complete a field. It’s also really easy to set up and change.
Set up as many events as you need
The Registernation system makes it really easy to add new locations and events, so you can offer online registration for everything in just a few minutes. Once an event is over, it’s automatically hidden to prevent accidental registrations.
Accept cash, checks, or credit cards
We’ve partnered with Paypal so you can accept credit card payments for camps (at an amazing discount), but you can still collect payments in person as well. Offline payments are easily reconciled through your personalized management portal. You can also offer deposits and set up events that offer automatic recurring payments (e.g. “$50 per month for 6 months”).
Easy administration and stats (your “Dashboard”)
You’ll get a username and password to your personalized administration site. The Dashboard is your personal assistant, giving you stats on your active events, a list of recent registrants, and links to common activities.
Communicate with your registrants
You can easily send an email to all the registrants in a particular event, which is great if you need to reschedule a session, remind registrants what to bring, or let them know of an important change.
Manage demand
You set the capacity for our event, and when the event fills up the system still captures prospects by automatically adding them to a Waitlist. You can then decide what to do with them.
Everyone loves coupons!
The Registernation system lets you offer discount codes to pro-rate a fee or offer discounts for particular registrants or groups. You can easily change the “amount due” for a registrant to make sure your reports are accurate.
Reports at your fingertips
You can run reports on your camps directly from your management portal, which are created in PDF format for easy bookkeeping and sharing. And if you want to do more analysis, you can export the data into Excel or another spreadsheet program.
Interactive attendance sheets
Track attendance through the system or print them out and take them to the event. You can even create accounts for instructors so they can login and get the attendance sheets themselves.

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Did You Know?

RegisterNation is a partner with PayPal, one of the most respected names in credit card processing. And they gave us an AMAZING credit card processing rate.

We've processed hundreds of thousands of registrants. Chances are we can handle yours as well.

Registernation has clients in more than 30 U.S. States.

We charge as little as $1 per registrant that comes through Registernation.

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