How Monthly Payments Work

Posted on November 22, 2009

When you create a new class/camp/event (we’ll refer to them all as a “camp” for simplicity), you can choose to set either a “One Time Fee” or a “Monthly” price.

Select monthly payment option

This is the first phase of supporting monthly payments, and the system simply 1) lets you inform registrants that they must pay monthly and 2) lets them return to the receipt page to make subsequent payments. The system does not yet create an monthly “invoice” to update the amount due for registrants. This means that your revenue collected will not match your expected income after the first month– for instance, a registrant who has made 4-$80 payments will show up as overpaid since the system only believes they owe $80 in total.

In the next phase of supporting monthly payments (coming soon), monthly payments will be more fully supported. We’ll automatically create an “invoice”, email the registrant when a payment is due, and let you manage the duration of the monthly invoices. This will ensure that the “Amount Due” and other reporting is accurate– not to mention make things less tedious to administer.

Insiders’ Hint: If you don’t need to offer a monthly payment schedule, we recommend waiting until the system is more complete.

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